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Uncompromised Engineering


Feel the advantage of extreme lightweight engineering with no compromise in stiffness, strength or comfort.


You’ll search out open water not only to feel the dexterity of flying upwind, but also the speed and control off the wind. The result is an understated design that allows performance to make the statement. A ride that allows you to feel the water as it flows by the foil while minimizing rough water feedback. A comfort magnified with the ultra-thin mast developed to increase vertical compliance and vibration absorption for a smooth ride.


While your FRS-Series hydrofoil was obviously built to be light, you won’t feel the need to treat it gently. Thanks to our advanced foil designs combined with state-of-the-art carbon composite technology, the FRS-Series withstands extreme loads in the harshest conditions with minimal flex and total control. That means no unwanted cavitations when the gust hits and the water turns rough. These foils provide the power to foil up effortlessly, the stability for straight-line speed, and the handling and precise control through the tightest transitions.


What goes into a lightweight and stiff design?


The FRS-Series showcases LP’s advanced lifting wing profiles, symmetrical mast design, our compression fit fuselage system, and LP’s advanced carbon composite construction technology.


We dream, explore, create & craft




The profile of every component is designed specifically for foilboarding. The foil's hydrodynamics are balanced to create just the right amount of lift vs drag for optimal performance.



Controlled torsional stiffness delivers power when you want it.



Our uncompromised engineering ensures the best strength to weight ratio is achieved.



Standard components and intuitive adjustments make LP foils simple to own and easy to enjoy.

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