The FRS Strut's ultra thin profile is combined with our proprietary Reflex Core Technology to increase torsional stiffness while reducing vibration absorption. Built to be lightweight while also being extremely durable, the FRS-Strut withstands extreme loads in the harshest conditions. The LP Fuselage mounts directly through the tapered strut's tunnel for a secure fit every time.

FRS Strut



    Available with multiple board attachment options to accommodate your own personal riding style.  (NOTE: Select mounting system before Strut finish & length)


    - Deep Tuttle

    - Standard Tuttle


    Strut lengths:


    - 35” / 89 cm – Experience free-ride freedom, go in shallower areas and fly down the wave faces in total control.



  • We have Designed the original plate system for a superior flush mount. 

    Locks your Tuttle or Deep Tuttle conection exactly were it needs to be. 

    Performance driven concept at its finest.