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The FRS Rear Wings produce controlled lift with rock solid stability; they are designed to produce negative lift with minimal drag.

The rear wing's angle of attack is easily adjusted allowing you to customize your ride. Use the LP series of calibrated shims to fine-tune the foil for greater speed or maneuverability. Increase or decrease the negative angle of attack of the rear wing to send the front foil up faster or slower.

The structural integrity of these wings are unsurpassed with layer upon layer of carbon fiber. This results in highly impact resistant, durable and lightweight wings.

Sizes available:

FRS RW270 (270 cm²) Designed specifically windsurf boards. A larger rear wing equals better lift when riding boards of a higher volume.

FRS Rear Wing Windsurf

  • White -Minimal Lift




    Black - Maximum lift

  • Sizes available (Rear Wing Surface Area in cm²):

    - FRS Rear Wing 270 cm²

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